Kelvin Nyathi

Principal Architect, NLAA

Shanna Nyathi

Business Development & Marketing

Paul Perry

Senior Architectural Technologist

About Us

Lean Architects is an independent architectural studio established in 2021. We were previously known as Collective Architecture + Design since 2016. We are quickly building a reputation of designing projects that attune to our clients’ deepest needs and dreams, while being respectful of the contextual environment where the projects are built. We want to create a lasting legacy of projects that transcend different styles and trends to enrich the built fabric.

Lean Architects - St. John's, Newfoundland


Lean Architects - St. John's, Newfoundland



We believe that the best buildings are designed in part by those that will inhabit and experience them. Our clients are deeply motivated to create inspired places and we hold space for the creative process to unfold

Lean Architects - St. John's, Newfoundland



We truly believe that architecture is a collective process of many voices coming together, and we are facilitators of that process.

Lean Architects - St. John's, Newfoundland



We believe that as architects and designers, we must never stop learning and innovating to transcend solutions

Lean Architects - St. John's, Newfoundland



We design interactive spaces that can be experienced through touch, sight and even smell by integrating texture, light, color and form. Texture: the feel of concrete to the hand; Light: the bright morning sun shining in at the right place because of careful placement of windows; Form: the comfortable size of rooms that are neither too big or too small.



The work of our studio spans a wide variety of project types with a strong emphasis on custom residential architecture. Within the scope of residential architecture, we are building a strong portfolio of residential projects that showcase sophisticated, yet pragmatic design as well as a keen sensitivity to the cultural and environmental context of the projects. We have worked on new, heritage and renovation single family projects. Recently, we have developed an interest in multi-residential projects and are slowly exploring this project type to expand our residential work


To complement our residential portfolio, we also undertake small commercial projects such as restaurants and boutique office buildings. Our commercial work is approached with the same rigor that is applied to our residential work by transmitting the same principles of sophisticated, yet practical design solutions. Work in this are spans new construction and renovation projects


Occasionally we have clients that approach us and want to house their business operations in simple and practical buildings. We undertake this work as well and have completed multiple industrial buildings for our clients. Most of these buildings are basic, practical pre-engineered buildings