Fluvarium Meadow Observation Tower

The “Place of Care” observation tower at the Fluvarium meadow is the first installation of its kind with others to come in different locations. The structure invites visitors to engage with the surrounding ecology, observe its changes over time and participate in the conversation about climate change. The tower and deck was planned to have a very small footprint and little disruption to the existing ecology. The roof-mounted solar panels will provide power for lighting and connectivity for wireless device charging.

“Place of Care”: a key gathering place in an area; a beacon of climate action; a hub of connection to nature and the outdoors.

This first project is building on the WaterShed Heroes programming and climate education work at The Fluvarium, which recognized the need to bring together COMMUNITY, CLIMATE EDUCATION, and ACTION. The vision is to develop a community of practice that champions Places of Care in their local communities across Newfoundland and Labrador. The goal is to have 10 Places of Care around the province by 2030. Each one will be unique to a city or town – designed, constructed, and led by members of the local community. To learn more about this initiative please click here

Typology: Public
Status: Completed: June 2024
Size: 55 SF
Location: 5 Nagles Pl, St. John's, NL