East White Hills Apartments

The proposed eight-storey 101-unit senior’s apartment building was designed to replace an existing vacant and delapitated building in the Pleasantville neighbourhood of St. John’s.The building was envisioned as one linear form with small reliefs/recesses along the front façade to break up the linear mass of the building. Several exterior material options were combined to bring visual interest to the overall linear form of the building. The objective was to use a material pallette that would fit within the character and look of the existing neighbourhood, but at the same time present a contemporary aesthetic to the building. To break up the mass of the brick, strips of light grey composite metal panel was used in between the punched windows to “lighten” up the overall mass of the building on the site. The punched windows and entrances are black anodized aluminum systems with double glazed glass units, which closely complement the brick facade. The height of the entrance canopy and overhangs was set at a human scale to create a more residential feel for the residents.

Typology: Multi-Unit Residential
Status: Unbuilt
Size: 121 740 SF
Location: St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador